Monday, January 15, 2018

The coterie that runs wildlife decisions in Kerala

Kerala is famous for inclusiveness, when it comes to wildlife management. Decisions are taken based on views of experts and this has paid rich dividends for the department.
A recent disturbing development is the emergence of a coterie. It's this coterie that decides who should  be included and who should be excluded from deliberations. A case in point is the experience of Dr Rajan Verghese. Dr Rajan Verghese is a pioneer when it comes to introduction of modern  census techniques in Kerala. Recently the coterie decided that he has to be dispensed with. He was not invited for any deliberation. If the coterie wanted to hog the limelight this was not the way to go. They should have invited him and discussed with him, their new plans, if any. A very upset Dr Rajan Verghese said if the  coterie wants to take credit let them do it , but they should not do away with inclusiveness, which is the hallmark of Kerala. I think, Dr Rajan Verghese has a point here. For the first time since the inception of Nilgiri tahr census I was also not informed about it, last year. Obviously the coterie is powerful and has a stranglehold. This does not auger well for wildlife.

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