1 Tahrcountry Musings: Wildlife Tourism -Tanzania goes for high yield, low volume tourism

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wildlife Tourism -Tanzania goes for high yield, low volume tourism

Huge number of visitors, is causing wildlife reserves in Tanzania, to resemble refugee camps. Waste and litter have become big problems. In a bid to preserve the environment and curb the human impact of mass tourism Tanzania is hiking entry fees. From first January 2006 Mount Kilimanjaro climbers will have to pay US$60, up from $30. Visitors to Serengeti National Park will be charged US$50 a day, instead of $30. Efforts will be made to redistribute visitors to the low season also.


Raj Jeevan Verghese said...

We should think of something like this in the sancuaries in India also. Some of them are mere amusement parks. Interests of the wild denizens should precede human liking for vicarious pleasures.

Raj Jeevan Verghese
New Delhi

Hiren said...

Sad that this should happen. Nature belongs to everyone and prohibitory charges should be condemned.

tahrman said...

Sad, Yes.But we have to strike a balance somewhere.Increasing entrance fee exhorbitantly, will drive wildlife reserves out of reach of commom man. But tourist traffic without control could damage the habitat. In Marchinson,US, a plot of land trampled by tourists took 20 years to recover.May be we could think of controlling the number of tourits per year visiting wildlife reserves.


shekar kapoor said...

I tend to agree with Tahrman. The viable alternative is to restrict number of tourists visiting reserves. Let us not kill the golden goose that lays golden eggs.
Shekar Kapoor