1 Tahrcountry Musings: Benefits of Coral Reef Protection

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Benefits of Coral Reef Protection

A report, produced by UNEP with the International Coral Reef Action Network and the World Conservation Union says costs of safeguarding the world's fast-disappearing coral reefs and mangroves are small compared to the benefits they provide to humanity. The report estimated that intact coral reefs were worth $100,000-$600,000 per sq km a year and a sq km of mangroves $200,000-$900,000 a year. Benefits from coral reefs and mangroves arise from fisheries, timber and fuelwood, tourism and shore protection. By contrast, the cost of protecting a sq km of coral reef or mangroves in a marine park was just $775 a year. The survey indicated that costs of building a concrete breakwater in the Maldives to replace a damaged reef had been $10 million per km. Time to think about coral reef and mangrove conservation seriously.


JLB said...

I live in the US, but I've visited Belize a couple times, where I fell in love with the mangroves and the reefs. Sadly, much of these mangrove habitats were being cleared for tourism development.

It's evident that these habitats not only serve to protect their wild inhabitants, but also prevent erosion of the shorelines. I heartily agree with the need to protect these beautiful places!

Manjit said...

During the Sunami that wreaked havoc across SE Asia mangrove played a saviours role in many places. At least this should open the eye of Governments.