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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Portugal’s Wildlife Under Threat

A study by Portugal's Institute for the Conservation of Nature has found that more than half of Portugal's bird, animal and fish species face some degree of threat, mostly from human action. Species critically endangered include the Iberian lynx, the mountain goat, the monk seal, the black vulture and the Saramuga, a freshwater fish found in the Guadiana River basin. Forest fires, dams, hunting, timber planting for the pulp and paper industry, abandonment of farmland and draining of wetlands are the main culprit.

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JLB said...

Sometimes it's so overwhelming to see how prolific the threats to wildlife are around the globe.

One thing I like to keep in mind to help allay my distress is to think about our earth's incredible powers of renewal an re-creation.

For example, North America saw immense deforestation walk its way from “sea to shining sea” with the original colonization and frontiering. A lot of deforestation followed the railroads. However, one side affect of farm abandonment (particularly in the eastern states) has been the rise of new forests. Slowly, but surely, the trees are reclaiming their land. :)

I also like to reflect on what little we know about ice ages and other geological cycles… Sometimes I think the earth enjoys wiping the slate clean so she can ply her craft on a fresh canvas.