1 Tahrcountry Musings: SOS from Indonesia - Orangutans In Peril

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SOS from Indonesia - Orangutans In Peril

The latest United Nations Environment Programme report does not bode well for the Orangutans. Orangutans are the only great apes outside Africa. The report says the orangutan population has dropped below twenty seven thousand and human activities have taken away up to fifty percent of the orangutan’s environment. The rate of loss has been accelerated during the course of last five years. Female orangutans are usually killed to steal their babies for sale as pets. If no action is action is taken 98% of forests on the island of Sumatra and Borneo will be gone by 2022. Smuggled timber finds it way to the West. Illegal logging is ravaging 37 of Indonesia’s 41 National Parks. Indonesian Government has made a fervent plea to the western countries to help check the menace.


Parameswar Cannanore said...

Orangutans needs our support. Such adorable animals. It would be a shame to see them perish

Prasanth Kodai said...

Yes Parameswar. It is a shame that such an adorable animal continues to get such bad treatment. Part of the blame has to go to developed western Countries. No use blaming Indonesia alone