1 Tahrcountry Musings: Australian Bushfires- Threat to wildlife

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Australian Bushfires- Threat to wildlife

International media has written volumes about the human suffering following the devastating bushfires of Australia. But the plight of wildlife seems to have been overlooked by many of them. The loss of wildlife and their suffering is staggering and indescribably horrid.

According to my contacts in Australia over a million wild animals have lost their life. To compound the loss many of them happen to highly endangered, found nowhere else in the world. According to wildlife experts of Australia some of the endangered animals are highly specialized, living in a small geographical area. They apprehend that bushfires may have completely destroyed some of these habitats, with the result that some species could have been completely wiped out. Helmeted Honeyeater has been given as an example. Less than 50 individuals were though to be alive. Endangered plant species also have been at the receiving end of the fury of fires.

Sure, human suffering should get first hand treatment, but the suffering of the denizens of the wild also needs to be addressed. Australia alone may not be able to do the needful, given the magnitude of the problem. Organizations like WWF should come forward and mobilize international support for the ailing denizens of the wild.

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