1 Tahrcountry Musings: Uncertain Future for Grizzly Bears in Canada

Monday, September 21, 2009

Uncertain Future for Grizzly Bears in Canada

In Canada a sudden drop in the numbers of wild bears have been noted on salmon streams and key coastal areas where they would normally be feeding. Alarmed conservationists have started lobbying the government to suspend the annual bear-hunting season.

Environmentalists say that a dearth of salmon stocks may be responsible for the drop in numbers. According to them many bears are starving in their dens during hibernation. In the Fraser river on Canada's west coast, 10 million sockeye salmon were expected back to spawn this summer. Against the estimate only one million turned up.

Many people have rubbished the apprehensions of the environmentalists but conservation group Pacific Wild says shortage of food is a serious problem and is driving the grizzlies into town. Reports from stream walkers, who monitor salmon streams have been very consistent the group adds.. The government has promised a count of bears at the end of this season. Environmentalists are still pessimistic about the government moves.

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