1 Tahrcountry Musings: The Dilemma of GM Foods. Is it Hobson’s choice?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Dilemma of GM Foods. Is it Hobson’s choice?

Disturbing news about GM foods is coming from UK. GM has already penetrated the food supply in UK. Of the 2.6m tonnes of soya imported into the UK last year, nearly two-thirds was genetically modified. GM soya oil finds a place in the catering industry. It has come to a position where if you buy food from the supermarket shelf, you would find traces of GM in it.

The argument touted by protagonists of GM food that GM food is very essential to feed the burgeoning population cuts no ice. A UN-sponsored review, involving more than 400 international scientists have already concluded that GM technologies are unlikely to have more than a limited role in tackling global food shortage.

According to activists the multinational seed corporations, Cargill, ADM and Bunge are behind spreading the myth of food shortage. In less than three decades, intellectual property rights have been sanctioned to 82% of the global seed market. Multinational firms control nearly half of the total global market in proprietary seeds, worth $22bn a year. The share is like this, Monsanto 23%, DuPont 15% and Syngenta 9%.

The multinational firms are working overtime in many countries to push their seeds and attain monopoly over seed supply. So watch out

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