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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fascinating Mating Habits of Seahorses

Did you know that Seahorses are the only species in which males truly become pregnant?

The other day I read a fascinating piece on the mating habits of Seahorses in Guardian UK.
Seahorses inhabit a wide stretch of the oceans. It is a misconception that they are restricted to warm azure waters of equatorial shores.

As mating prelude Seahorses greet each other with a nose-to-nose caress. Then they wrap their tails around a single blade of grass and begin a seductive dance, spiraling round and round each other. The first time a seahorse couple meets, this gentle courtship carries on for hours, days even. Then a short hollow tube emerges from the female, which she pushes into an opening in her partner's belly and the female shoots an egg-laden liquid into the male. The male then sways and wiggles his body, settling the eggs into position where they will remain for the next few weeks, growing in a protected internal pond.

So what makes them the male of the species if they get pregnant?" The simple answer is sperm.

If you want to read the full story click here


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