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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fascinating Information about Octopuses.

The information from nature that we regularly cull never ceases to amaze me with its complexities. Sometimes it makes you feel humble. The latest issue of Journal of Experimental Biology has some fascinating information about octopuses. Believe it or not the octopuses are far more excited by HDTV when compared to standard definition TV.
The research was headed by Ms Renata Pronk from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia and colleagues. The team collected gloomy octopuses (Octopus tetricus) from Sydney Harbour, transferred them to a tank at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and exposed the octopuses to three HDTV videos, recording the animals' response.
In experiments evaluating how the creatures react to moving images, the animals responded far more vigorously to HDTV than standard definition TV. HDTV has roughly five times as many pixels as standard definition TV (SDTV).
Scientists say Octopuses appear to be intelligent animals. They respond to their environment with brilliant colour changes. They have relatively high standard eyesight.
The scientist also demonstrated that gloomy octopuses have "episodic personalities", which means their personality varies over time. One day an octopus would react excitedly to the crab video, but it would show little interest on another day. Crab is a favorite food of octopuses.

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