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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birds making a comeback thanks to farmers

When rare birds make a comeback due to efforts of farmers it is great news. Usually we hear about disappearance of birds due to the activities of farmers. To buck this trend here comes a great story from UK


East Yorkshire farmers are celebrating the runaway success of a scheme intended to boost wildlife on their land. They have been working with bird charity the RSPB to help rare species make a comeback in the region.

RSPB volunteers visit farms to record the number of birds each farm has and also to map out their territories. The volunteers discuss ground realities threadbare with farmers and inputs are given to boost the bird population. The Farmers can also utilize the free survey to helps them join Government environmental stewardship schemes, which pay them to care for the countryside.

Some of the bird that have come back in the farms is from RSPB's endangered list, like reed bunting. In many farms the numbers have gradually gone up.

This great scheme is worthy of emulation worldwide.

If you live in UK you can request a free survey by e-mail at volunteer&farmeralliance@rspb.org.uk or call (01767) 680551.

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