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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wonder Dam Built by Beavers

This post is at the behest of Narain my friend from Wynad. Narain is one of those guys who believe small is beautiful. He lives a contended life making a living from his small farm. His passion is nature conservation and Reiki. It is these two subjects that bonded our friendship.
I ran in to Narain the other day and as is wont we started talking about nature conservation and wildlife. The subject veered towards the amazing dam that beavers have built that can be seen from space. Narain wanted me to do a blog post on it as not many people are aware of it.
An animal-made structure that is visible from space. Is this science fiction? No. The world's largest beaver dam was discovered last week in a remote area of Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada. The dam spans 850 metres and is the size of Switzerland. The amazing fact is that the dam is visible from space.
Scientists believe the beavers began their work four decades ago. This means the work is the culmination of many generations of beavers. Truly amazing.

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