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Sunday, September 26, 2010

World DNA Barcode Library

A  DNA barcode library has been put in place in Toronto by An international consortium of geneticists. The aim is to build a digital identification system for all life on Earth. Barcoding for 80,000 species with one million barcode records is complete. This is the largest biodiversity genomics initiative ever undertaken.
By 2015, scientists expect to enter DNA barcode records from five million specimens representing half a million species. 

This DNA barcoding project will reduce the time and cost of species identification.  It promises a future where everyone will have rapid access to the names and biological features of every species on Earth.   It will be a vital tool for conservation. A handheld barcode reader is round the corner.

"The International Barcode of Life is assembling a global network of taxonomists, biologists and geneticists to embark on the next great exploration of the natural world," says Dr. Christian Burks, President and CEO of the Ontario Genomics Institute and Chair of the iBOL Consortium board of directors.

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