1 Tahrcountry Musings: UK - Woodcocks losing sense of direction?

Thursday, December 09, 2010

UK - Woodcocks losing sense of direction?

Large numbers of woodcocks crashing in to windows is worrying conservationists in England.

Woodcocks migrate from places like Russia and Finland to the UK to escape harsh winters. Climate in UK is milder and finding food is easier. The birds migrate during the night at a low level.

Reports are pouring in from buildings close to rivers. In all probability the woodcocks are following the rivers on migration and crashing into buildings along the banks.Conservationists say the birds are failing to see buildings and windows, possibly because they are attracted to light. Another reason could be that they mistake reflections in windows for the open sky.

RSPB has advocated fixing an object to the outside of the glass to indicate the obstacle. According to experts of RSPB the most effective shape is likely to be a hawk. Self-adhesive bird silhouettes would do the job. Silhouettes of birds of prey create the instinctive reaction in small birds to avoid it. 

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