1 Tahrcountry Musings: Sudan – The Plight of wildlife

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sudan – The Plight of wildlife

Sudan is passing through difficult times. Amidst all the talk of political cauldron people tend to forget about Sudan’s magnificent wildlife. The denizens of the wild have no votes. So nobody seems to care for their needs.

Before civil war broke out in 1983, southern Sudan had the distinction of being home to some spectacular wildlife populations in Africa. It also had the world's second-largest wildlife migration. All that is going to be history now unless something concerted is done ommediately. Mind boggling numbers of buffalo, antelope, elephants, and chimpanzees have been consigned to oblivion by the civil war.

Surprisingly vast tracts of savannas, wetlands, and woodlands still remain intact. If proper management strategies are undertaken wildlife can easily bounce back.  Concerted action by the international community is the need of the hour. Sudan desperately needs help from international community. Under the present scenario only dedicated NGOs can deliver the goods

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