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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Recommendation

Cumulative Effects in Wildlife Management: Impact Mitigation
Editor(s):  Paul R Krausman, Lisa K. Harris

 Here is a good book for wildlife managers. The authors say without a conscious knowledge of what is happening around us, we will not be able to incorporate an effective land ethic, and natural resources will be the ultimate loser.

The main features of the book are
  • Addresses efforts to mitigate impacts of human activities on wildlife and wildlife habitats
  • Explains environmental assessment processes, monitoring frameworks, and strategic land use planning
  • Concludes each chapter with a case study demonstrating cumulative effects on wildlife populations
  • Presents research on cumulative effects across both spatial and temporal dimensions
  • Integrates wildlife population distribution and abundance in the context of human modified landscapes   ISBN:   9781439809167     ISBN 10:  143980916X
    Publication Date:  March 09, 2011
    Number of Pages:  288

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