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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Latest conservation drone model achieve 100KM flight distance

                                            Pic Credit: Conservation Drones.org

I believe that conservation drones will play an increasing role in the coming years.  So I glue my ears to the scene to find out what is happening. I was delighted to learn that a model developed by Keeyen Pang, ConservationDrones’ Director for Asia Operations has achieved a total flight distance of 109 km, over a period of one hour and 57 minutes. According to Keeyen this means that conservation drones are now able to cover significantly more ground when deployed for forest patrols, wildlife surveys, and land cover mapping, among other applications.

A Zeta Science FX 79 airframe with following specifications were used for the flight

Airframe: Zeta Science FX79
Autopilot: 3DRobotics APM 2.6 with external compass and airspeed sensor (3.02 firmware)
Power: 2 pieces 6S 5000 mah battery in parallel
Motor: T motor 3110-470
Propeller: APC 12 x 8
ESC: CC Edge 50 A
Radio system: Futaba 10C radio system
All up weight: 3.4 KG

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P.M Rajesh said...

Interesting Mohan. You are right. Drones are the future of conservation