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Saturday, June 28, 2014

World's first fully recyclable paper cup

                                               Pic credit: Jane Mingay/Green Your Cup

 British entrepreneur and engineer Martin Myerscough, has come up with world's first fully recyclable paper cup. The innovation has the potential to divert millions of cups away from landfill.

Conventional paper cups are made from paper laminated with plastic. This aspect makes them difficult to recycle. The plastic layer is intended to keep the drink warm and stop the paper from getting wet.  Since separating the lining from the cup is very cumbersome, most companies do not bother about it. They send them straight to land fillings instead.

The new cup has a thin film liner that is designed to separate easily from the paper in the recycling process. The left over paper can be easily recycled. It can come back to us in the form of newsprint.

The innovator Myerscough said: "I always thought it was such a waste that disposable coffee cups couldn't be easily recycled. In these times of limited resources and diminishing landfill space, a single-use cup that can't be recycled is an indulgence we just cannot afford. I hope Green Your Cup will make a difference to how people think about the wastefulness of some of our everyday habits “.

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