1 Tahrcountry Musings: Protection Of Edge Animals Set To Get A Boost

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Protection Of Edge Animals Set To Get A Boost

Edge Animals are those having few close relatives, genetically distinct, and require immediate action to save them from extinction. Now under a scheme titled “Evolutionary distinct globally endangered project” Zoological Society of London is on to a unique conservation initiative. Species like Bumblebee Bat, Pygmy Hippo, Slender Loris will get special protection. Scientists have identified a total of 564 species that fall within the definition of edge species and the Zoological Society of London will focus on the top 100 initially.


Prasanth Kodai said...

This is rousing news. Thanks for that definition of edge animal. It is a new word for me.

Tahrman Alembath said...

Glad to notice that the definition came in handy for you.Yes this is a bold initiatve and needs to be complimented

sita Raghavan said...

edge animals sure gets priority in conservation efforts.This indeed is a great initiative