1 Tahrcountry Musings: Rhino Poaching In Nepal- IUCN Members Call For Urgent Action

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rhino Poaching In Nepal- IUCN Members Call For Urgent Action

From a population of 612 individuals in 2000, the Rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) population in Nepal has come down to 405 today. The main reason for this drop is poaching. Concerned about this decline, the commission members of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in Nepal, has submitted a petition to the Environment Conservation Committee of the Nepalese House of Representatives requesting immediate action to save Rhinos. The members have also come up with a set of germane recommendations. IUCN Nepal has also handed over the much needed field gears and equipment to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation to give a boost to the conservation efforts of Rhinos. For more info log on to www.iucnnepal.org


Prasanth Kodai said...

Good to hear that the initiative comes from local unit of IUCN.Conservation initiatives should come ab initio from the local people supported by international community.Rhino horns are used in indigenous medicines, mainly chinese medicines, as aphrodisiac. Help from international community is absolutely essential

sita Raghavan said...

participation of local communities in conservation efforts can alone succeed in the long run