1 Tahrcountry Musings: England – Policeman Gets Award for Wildlife Protection

Monday, October 04, 2010

England – Policeman Gets Award for Wildlife Protection

A cop keen about wildlife is a rarity. Here comes a glowing example from England that turns the belief on its head. A Scottish policeman Charles Everitt has been given a UK-wide award for his work in tackling wildlife crime. The award is titled Wildlife Law Enforcer of the Year.
Charles Everitt , who has been in this job for the last eight years, investigated 27 wildlife cases last year. He is not the sort of guy who does only what the statute books says. He recently helped set up a community peregrine-watch on a site near Edinburgh. This site had been plagued by chick poachers. As a result of his dedicated work the site saw the first hatching of the birds in 15 years.
 Everitt has waged a relentless battle against deer poaching, hare coursing and unlicensed zoo animals. In an operation against Scottish traditional medicine shops selling products containing protected species this policeman seized goods worth a fortune.
Tahrcountry salutes this magnificent policeman  and exhorts policemen around the world  to follow the trail shown by Charles Everitt.

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