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Monday, October 11, 2010

Ireland - Golden eagles to the rescue of sheep

I read with great interest in Belfast Telegraph the reintroduction success of iconic Golden eagles in Ireland and how some of the apprehensions of farmers have been proved wrong.
When Golden eagles were reintroduced in Ulster there was lot of protest from farmers who feared that the eagles will lift their lambs. They have realized that their fears were misplaced. Golden eagles are proving to be the best friends of the sheep farmers. There is a definite decline in the number of attacks by local hooded grey crows on newborn lambs.
The eagles were reintroduced after an absence of more than 100 years. A total of 58 young golden eagles have been released since the project began in 2001. The plan is to release a total of 75 birds
The project group had to meet the 53 reintroduction guidelines set by the International Union for conservation of Nature before they obtained a license to import golden eagle chicks from Scotland. Scotland has a stable golden eagle population of 420 breeding pairs

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