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Friday, April 22, 2011

Population variables – A rapid assessment system

A Rapid Method to Estimate Population Variables for African Elephantsno access
Sam M. Ferreira and Rudi J. van Aarde
Journal of Wildlife Management April 2008: Vol. 72, Issue 3, pg(s) 822-829

 Estimation of reproductive and survival parameters for free-ranging animals is of paramount importance. I came across this paper while looking for a rapid assessment method for population variables. The method has the advantage that it is non invasive. The technique was developed by the researchers for free-ranging African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana africana) based on data at Addo Elephant National Park and Amboseli National Park.

The researchers used published data from 2 populations with known growth rates and birth and survival histories to validate their technique. The technique yielded estimates of age at first and last calving, calving interval, and age-specific survival rates that were similar to those determined during long-term studies at both Addo Elephant National Park and Amboseli National Park. The technique generated population data required to estimate population growth rates.

The researchers conclude that their method may be particularly useful where censuses yield imprecise estimates or where long-term population data are unavailable.


Petter said...

What was the method they used.
In Sweden there is similar research not on elephants but on moose, and there they have now started a project were they are in contact with hunters and make tests after a moose is shot in the annual moose hunt. With a stable population between 300 000- 400 000 mooses and 1/3 is shot annualy they get a lot of data, but it seams like a cumbersome method, because one is biased by the specific quota hunters in that area has.

What was the method they used for the elephants. Unfortunately I don´t have access to the paper.

alembath said...

Hi Petter
For comprehensive details please contact SAM M. FERREIRA and RUDI J. VAN AARDE

The email id is rjvaarde@zoology.up.ac.za

Petter said...

Perfect, thank you for the contact information.