1 Tahrcountry Musings: Wildlife management – A game-theoretic approach

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wildlife management – A game-theoretic approach

In this paper the authors contend that management strategies provided by the game-theoretic approach complements existing adaptive management methodologies.
Conservation problems usually involve groups with competing objectives and strategies. In this scenario   Identifying dependencies between competing strategies and determining which action optimally achieves the appropriate conservation goals  is of paramount importance for effective evolution of appropriate strategies.
The authors show how several real-world conservation problems can be modeled game-theoretically. The analysis is based on multi-national conservation cooperation, management of common-pool resources, and games against nature. 
The researchers contend that game-theoretic models suggest potential solutions that are often invisible to the usual management protocol: decision followed by monitoring, feedback and revised decisions. 

Mark Colyvan, James Justus, Helen M. Regan
Pages 1246-1253, Volume 144, Issue 4(April 2011) , Adaptive management for biodiversity conservation in an uncertain world
Edited by David A. Keith, Tara G. Martin and Eve McDonald-Madden,  Biological Conservation


Petter said...

Very interesting. Have never thought of game theory as a part of conservation/management. I suppose it is more useful in animal restoration than for plant restoration, although one is of course often linked to the other.

Mohan Alembath said...

Yes,petter. This is very interesting.