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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The IUCN Annual Lake Swim

The IUCN Annual Lake Swim is taking place today (3rd August). The IUCN Annual Lake Swim began in 2006 when Jane Smart of IUCN swam across the lake together with Liz Radford of Plantlife, in memory of environmentalist and former IUCN Council Member Richard Sandbrook in aid of WaterAid. With the arrival of Julia Marton Lefèvre as Director General in 2007, the event was enthusiastically adopted as an annual one. The team of swimmers from IUCN crosses the lake each year in aid of a good cause and in celebration of the beauties of nature.

In 2011 IUCN will be raising funds in aid of The People of Japan following the tragic events which took place in March of this year. This year’s swim will raise  funds for the Red Cross Society of Japan. All the funds raised will go directly to the people affected on the ground. For donations please visit the following link: http://www.indiegogo.com/IUCN-Annual-Lake-Swim-2011.

The swim is from Nernier in France to Prangins, near Nyon in Switzerland. The distance is 4.24 km - although in reality the distance will be nearer 6 km - because it is never possible to swim in a completely straight line!

This year’s swimmers are:
Jane Smart, Captain
Mette Bovenschulte
Suzan Craig
Chloe Hill
Julia Marton-Lefèvre
Lilly Powell (Jane’s daughter)
Trevor Sandwith
Laura Seidl (Andy’s wife)
Claire Warmembol

The captains will be Bertrand de Montmollin, Chair of the Swiss National Committee for IUCN and Chair of the IUCN SSC Mediterranean Island Plant Specialist Group, and Christian Laufenberg.  They will be accompanied by first mates Kaori Yasuda and Poppy Powell (Jane’s 2nd daughter).

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