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Monday, April 02, 2012

The Wild Life of Our Bodies

Here is an interesting book that I finished reading yesterday, Rob Dunn’s book, The Wild Life of Our Bodies. Dunn is a biology professor at North Carolina State University. He writes about the microbes, pathogens, and various other microorganisms that have shaped human evolution.

Here is an interesting snippet from Dun. Dunn says the prevalence of Crohn's disease since the 1950s is due to the developed world's concern to avoid most kind of intestinal worms. This is not hearsay. The observation is backed by solid research.

Dun says in our bellybutton there are1400 species of bacteria, 600 of which are new to science. He adds it's like a rainforest out there.

According to Dunn appendix is an amazing organ.  All of us thought it’s a useless organ. The main role of the appendix is to act as a nature reserve for our good bacteria.  It’s also filled with a common antibody in our gut, the IgA. When we get some severe infection in the gut and it wipes out our native bacteria, the appendix is the reserve from which recolonization of the gut is effected. It is akin to seeding from natural forest says Dunn.

On the whole reading this book is great fun. Dunn is a fine raconteur. If you have time go for it.

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