1 Tahrcountry Musings: In praise of reconstituted National Board for Wildlife, India

Monday, September 15, 2014

In praise of reconstituted National Board for Wildlife, India

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Shri Prakash Javadekar have delivered a coup de grace to arm chair conservationists, while they reconstituted National Board for Wildlife, India. For far too long, arm chair conservationists from Delhi and Mumbai have been calling the shots entrenching themselves in successive boards, with their political clout.

The names of the members of the newly constituted board, reads like who is who of India’s best field men. They know the heart throb of India’s wildlife. An even better aspect is their thorough knowledge of the problems relating to protection and the hardships experienced by the frontline soldiers of conservation. I am sure all these augurs well for India’s wildlife. I have no hesitation in rating this as the best board India has seen to this date.

I wish the new members the very best in their endeavours to promote the welfare of India’s wildlife. I salute Narendra Modiji and Prakash Javadekarji for the excellent work they have done

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Thomas K. J, Wayanad said...

Alembathji, you have centered on a real target, Yes, arm chair conservationists, who stay in five star hotels and preach from the chairs of cossetted air conditioned rooms or write in fancy journals, shedding crocodile tears had a field day till the other day. These are things any fool can do if he has money. The real work is done by men toiling in the field and upright forest officers have done yeomen service for wildlife conservation. The move to put retired forest officers of proven integrity in the board is a right step.