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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Newly constituted wildlife board of India – Now a signature campaign is on

As mentioned in my previous post, some of the frustrated men who have been left out from the new wildlife board had already started a whisper campaign against the new members. Now, if my Delhi contacts are to be believed, they have started a signature campaign against the new members. I am aghast by the puerile mentality of the guys. These old guys had usurped membership by their political clout for years. For them it was an easy way to flaunt themselves as champions of wildlife conservation and earn junkets to wildlife reserves. One of my friends invited a couple of years back, one of the aggrieved guys from Delhi for a conference. His first question was “Where am I going to be accommodated. I stay only in 5 star hotels. These guys are out of sync with reality in the field. They never bother to stay deep in the forest with the frontline staff and find out their problems. They want cushy accommodation in forest rest houses. I am delighted to see that the new Government under Narenrdra Modiji has broken the vicious nexus. The new sets of guys are dedicated and aware of problems in the field. They are never shy of getting their hands dirty. Tax payers money should not be squandered away to pander to the whims and fancies of the elite.


Ashok Cherian, Mumbai said...

It is a real pity that the old hags want to cling on to their positions which they have held for a long time. They are drunk on power and prestige that the position brings. In the present dispensation they benefit at the expense of wildlife. Any damn idiot can sit in an air conditioned office and preach conservation. The induction of fresh blood was the need of the hour and we should be thankful to NAMO for bringing in the much needed changes

Mohan Alembath said...

Thank you Ashok for that comment. There is a small mistake in what you wrote. The word Hag refer to old vicious women. We have no threats from women. It is the old despicable men, who are creating problems. I am sure they will not succeed in their evil designs.