1 Tahrcountry Musings: International Policy to Fight Biopiracy

Saturday, February 04, 2006

International Policy to Fight Biopiracy

Misappropriation of genetic resources is a serious issue confronting many nations. Even though treaties and conventions do exist implementation has faced roadblocks. Now IUCN the world Conservation Union is taking imitative to address this serious issue. At the request of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) secretariat the union’s Canada office in conjunction with its Environmental Law center has published results of an investigation in to claims of misappropriation of genetic resources. It will attempt to provide concrete info about what kinds of international policy decisions are needed to eliminate biopiracy.
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Basil Fernades said...

Biopiracy is rampant in developing countries with rich biodiversity.Let us have a system of bioprospecting where countries of origin gets a due share of the future profits.The initiative of IUCN is praisworthy

Tikku Daniel said...

Biopiracy should be addressed with earnestnessw.Entire humanity should benefit. At the same time the countries of origin should be adequately compensated