1 Tahrcountry Musings: Kenya's Worst Drought Threatens Wildlife

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kenya's Worst Drought Threatens Wildlife

Kenya's worst drought in years is threatening Tsavo West National Park. Maasai who have trekked long distances to escape drought are driving cattle into Tsavo West National Park in search of water and pasture. Cattle would harm natural habitats, and spread disease. Maasai, who depend on cattle and often live on just milk and fresh blood, say they have no choice but to feed their starving cows wherever they can. It is a tricky situation out there.


JLB said...

Is this what the Maasai have done in the past in the event of severe drought? Are there any other methods of procuring water and feed for the animals in their region? Not that I expect you to know the answers... but this sounds like a really tough quandry.

tahrman said...

According to my African contacts Cattle are central to Maasai economy and accumulated as a sign of wealth.Their traditional grazing lands span from central Kenya into central Tanzania. They routinely ignore international boundaries and move cattle herds across the open savanna with the changing seasons.They are still vociferous in their demand for grazing rights in National Parks.The drought is very severe. It indeed is a tough quandry.