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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Arabian Tahr in Dire Straits Reports Muscat Daily

Muscat Daily reports in its issue dated 1/06/10 that poaching of endangered Arabian Tahr is on the increase. This is happening in spite of the stringent measures taken by Omani Government for the protection of Arabian Tahr.
Last month Omani Environment ministry officials had, with the help of the Omani Police, foiled an attempt by the smugglers to smuggle out of the country two Arabian Tahrs. This is the 5th incident since May 2009.
Here is a report from the Royal Omani Police website
Arabian Tahr Smugglers Arrested

The ROP arrested three Omanis recently and foiled their attempt to smuggle Arabian Tahr. After a tip-off on their smuggling activities, the Directorate General of Inquiries and Criminal Investigtions formed a working group to lead the operations. The ROP arrested the smugglers on the run, found two animals, and handed them over to the Department of Environment and Climate Affairs in Buraimi.

Conservationists’ are advocating increased community participation, in the conservation efforts of Arabian Tahr, to check the menace of poaching.

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Chetan Arvind said...

I was in Eravikualam last October. I found maintaining good relationship with the local community by the officers a plus point in conserving Nilgiri tahr. May be Omani Government needs more participation from the local community.