1 Tahrcountry Musings: Experts Bemoan Decline in UK's Scientific Study of Insects

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Experts Bemoan Decline in UK's Scientific Study of Insects

I read a few minutes back a very interesting article on insects in “The Independent”. The article bemoans the decline in the UK's scientific study of Insects. It has portents in other places also.
As The Independent mentions insects are among the planet's smallest creatures, yet they have the power to change the world. It is our ally pollinating our crops, and also our greatest enemy, spreading disease and killing millions. 75 per cent of described animal species are insects and they help run all the ecosystems.
Britain used to be world leader in entomology. There is a palpable downswing in the interest shown in the subject. Scientists are warning that Britain's pool of expertise is draining away, making Britain vulnerable to new dangerous insect pests. The Royal Entomological Society warns that this spells a substantial threat to Britain’s ecosystems, food security and health.
Experts blame the school system for not capitalizing on children's early interest in bugs. This holds good everywhere.
What Independent mentions mirrors in other countries also. Lot of money is spent on research on mammals. But very little money goes in to research on insects. With global warming posing a continuous threat it is the need of the hour to pay more attention to insects that play a vital role in running our ecosystems.

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