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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Unconventional Natural Gas

I just read a good piece of writing in New Scientist on Unconventional Natural Gas and its enormous potential as a source of clean energy. Unconventional Natural Gas? Yes
Unconventional natural gas tends to be trapped in impermeable hard rock or sandstone or in shale deposits. New technology to extract natural gas from unconventional  deposits has great portent for  previously gas-poor countries in the Americas, Asia and western Europe. They could now have enough cheap gas to last for another 100 years.
The problem with coal is that it is dirty. Nuclear power is very expensive.  Renewables are not predictable. So the best option is to go in for gas. The world consumes around 3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas each year, and consequently reserves from conventional sources will run out by 2068. At current rates of consumption unconventional reserves could give us an extra 60 years. The estimate for unconventional reserves is 900 trillion cubic meters. The scenario is bright.

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Anonymous said...

The New Scientist article is excellent and must reading for those with an interest in unconventional energy. Europe appears to be the new frontier in this area, according to www.naturalgasforeurope.com