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Thursday, January 07, 2016

AirAsia on a downswing?

On 4th night when I walked in to the Kochi Bangalore flight I was in for a shock. Below and right in front of my seat there was litter. As it was the last flight to Bangalore and I had walked in at the last moment I did not create a scene. The landing at Bangalore airport was most probably done by a trainee first officer. It was an atrocious landing. May be the crew wanted to land and rush off to home. The affair was a far cry from my experience with Airasia a few months back. The aircraft was spick and span and the landing was perfect. It was what a pilot would describe as butter landing. I can speak authoritatively as I hold a Pilots licence.
The very next morning I wrote a email letter to AirAsia describing my experience. I had expressed my distress at the litter found on the aircraft. AirAsia did not bother even to acknowledge the email. Indigo immediately responds  to customers emails.
I had expressed my apprehension that AirAsia is cutting corners in an effort to save money

 I have enough of AirAsia. I will now stick to my favourite airline Indigo.

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