1 Tahrcountry Musings: How people who pretends at being friends can screw up your life

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How people who pretends at being friends can screw up your life

This blog usually does not veer away from wildlife and gets into personal affairs.Today I am making an exception and writing about some of my bad experiences. I have changed names deliberately.
Bhaskar is a guy I met widway through life. It was too late before I realised his skills at machinations. This guy always puts up a facade of oozing friendship. But it all depends on how much money he can make short time or long time. Many have rued the day they befriended him. Santhanam is another guy who I have befriended for long time. We shared many happy moments.I had told Santhanam in glowing terms about Bhaskar. Santhanam who had excellent contacts with higher ups introduced him to some VIPs. Soon Bhaskar started his machinations and money alone was the criterion. I defended Bhaskar like a fool without realising the full implications. This in turn created bad blood between me and Snthnom who happens to be good at heart but easily gets hurt. A series of incidents made the situation even worse and it reached a stage beyond recovery. Now Santhanam is not in talking terms with me. Attempts by friends to patch up did not succed.Santhanam started spreading canards about me which naturally infuriated me. I started giving tit for tat for every canard. Thus ended a beautiful friendship. One weaknesses I have is that I am brutally frank. This has antagonised many guys. Surprising fact is that I have absolutely no problems with guys from Europe and America. They love my frankness and there has not been even a single case of rubbing them the wrong way.


Anonymous said...

Here is something which you may or may not be aware of. Robin(Name changed) played a very nasty role in the unsavoury episode.You helped this guy a lot,but he was plotting against you behind your back along with Santhanam. It was he foisted a vigilance enquiry against you.Fortunately as is your won't all the work you did was perfect,picture perfect. A flummoxed vig guys were convinced that it was a case of maligning, and they gave you a clean chit. That is life Mohanji.

Mohan Alembath said...

Yes,life is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.One guy who has stood by me through thick and thin is James Zacharias.(Real name guys).He is a real friend

Anonymous said...

The Ss Bs an Rs scrwed up the conservation activist scenario in Kerala.S was a climber B was after money R was a smooth operator willing to latch on to anything to meet his ulterior objectives. The mulish attitude of you guys also did contribute to a small extent

Joy Thomas said...

Go for a book.Coupled with your vast experience in the field of wildlife there is enough material for blockbuster
Joy Thomas

Vinod .R said...

It was the social climbers and pseudo environmentalists who made a mess of the environment scene.Wildlife scene was serene with crazy guys like Mohan and James slugging it out when no one else wanted to work in wildlife. Enter fame and money and the whole picture got changed.Guys with absolutely no inkling of wildlife got posted as wildlife wardens.They in turn promoted journalists out to make a quick name.These journalists turn promoted these new men with newly endowed interest in wildlife. It was a free for all with politicians joining the fray.The happy old days are never going to come.back.

JS said...

R was indeed a social climber willing to go to any extent to meet his ulterior objectives. He will latch on to anyone who he thinks might come in as a stepping stone. His role in dismantling the enviro-movement is unpardonable.
You guys should have given him one up the arse before he started his ascent by unscrupulous means.