1 Tahrcountry Musings: Road ecology and small animals

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Road ecology and small animals

Road ecology is a comparatively new stream,but tremendous advances have been made recently. The  main problem is that road ecologists bestow lot of attention to the travails of big animals while the needs of the small animals gets short shrift. It is against this background that I read a good book detailing the needs of the small animals. The book titled 'Roads and Ecological Infrastructure' is authored by Kimberly M.Andrews, Priya Nanjappa and SethP.D.Riley and published by Johns Hopkins University in association with Wildlife Society
 This is the first book to focus on reducing conflict between Roads and small animals.. Challenges involved from a transportation and ecological point of view are put under scanner and discussed extensively.The goal is realistic problem solving.. I recommend the book unreservedly to practising and budding road ecologists.

I have been traveling for the past two weeks and just managed to finish it .The due date for return is tomorrow. Today I am going to fade into areas without net connectivity for a couple of days. For the past two weeks I have been using my phone for all communication. Couple of typos have crept in while typing. Sorry about this guys. Have a great day.


Francis John Jacob said...

Great post Mohanji.I India road ecology is yet to make a debut except in academic circles. With India going forfast paced development it is imperative that the subject is taught seriously

TSR said...

In India so much money is being spent on roads. Why not a small thought for the animals while the roads traverse forest areas? IN US and Europe road ecologists are part and parcel of road making. They foresee things and sit with road engineers to avoid catastrophes. There is urgent need for WII and other wildlife institutes to produce quality road ecologists. It should be made mandatory for road organizations to include road ecologists in the team of designers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing up the subject