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Monday, June 29, 2009

Danger List of World Heritage Sites Needs Radical Change – IUCN

IUCN considers that the Danger List of World Heritage Sites needs radical change if it is to remain an effective conservation tool. Many nations do not realize the fact that it is intended to be a constructive conservation tool, which mobilizes the international community to support national efforts.

Putting a site on the danger list is often seen by Governments as criticism and opposition follows from the unenlightened quarters.Taking umbrage shows a poor understanding of the whole concept. IUCN strongly opines that the list of World Heritage in Danger needs to be re-established as a way to ensure and maintain credible standards for protecting the world’s natural and cultural treasures.

According to Tim Badman,IUCN's Special Advisor on World Heritage,the World Heritage List in Danger is not working as it was intended and it needs an overhaul. The danger list is intended to turn international concern in to real conservation results. The World Heritage Committee which met in Seville last week added two natural sites to the danger list; Los Katios National Park and the Belize Barrier Reef. A third threatened site was not included.

The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra was not added to the List of World Heritage in Danger, despite IUCN’s recommendation.Road construction, illegal logging, poaching, uncontrolled tourism, as well as insufficient support from the government, are among the threats facing the site. Survival of key species, such as the Sumatran tiger, rhino, orangutan and elephant is hanging in balance.

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