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Monday, June 01, 2009

Environment – Individuals Can Make Big Difference

Magnificent Example from Canada

In the pursuit of protecting the environment individuals can make a big difference. We need not depend on Government initiatives or doles. Here is a magnificent example of what one man can do for the welfare of the environment, from Mount Douglas Park, Saanich, Canada.

Dick Battles has been awarded Saanich Environmental Award for his selfless work in protecting the environment of Mount Douglas Park. Since 2001, Dick Battles has spent well over 2000 hours in Mt. Douglas Park removing English ivy and other invasive species. The effort was purely voluntary. He has singlehandedly removed ivy from large areas. He has been striving relentlessly to increase public understanding and appreciation for the value of native plants and natural areas. According to Saanich's Environmental Advisory Committee he is an exemplary ambassador for the park and richly deserves recognition for his many years of environmental stewardship in Saanich.

Tahrcountry salutes this magnificent ambassador for Mount Douglas Park. His actions speak louder than words and should be an inspiration for citizens round the world.

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