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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sweden Plumbs for Climate-friendly Food Choices

Swedish authorities have devised guidelines entitled 'Environmentally-smart Food Choices', for climate-friendly food choices. The authorities have recommended to the citizens to reduce their meat and rice consumption to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the report meat is the food group that has the greatest impact on the environment.

Meat consumption in Sweden has grown by an average ten kilos per person over the past ten years and now totals 65 kilos

One kilo of beef contributes up to 15-25 kilos of greenhouse gases. This is ten times more than the carbon footprint of the equivalent amount of chicken.

The authorities recommend that eating less meat, and making careful choices about what is eaten, is the smartest environmental choice the citizens can make.

Further recommendations include eating seasonal, locally-produced fruits, vegetables and berries, avoiding bottled water, soda and palm oil and limiting rice consumption as its cultivation produces methane.

The Swedish authorities are the first in Europe to develop such recommendations. They will be sent out to other EU countries for a broader discussion before it is implemented in Sweden.

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Sara said...

Reach a link to read the advice in English through this blog post: http://www.sweden.se/eng/Home/Work-live/Sustainability/blog-about-sustainability/Swedish-advice-on-how-to-reduce-foods-footprints/